Baylor DMrs.KimbleTheme in Literature EssayMarch 30, 2012
Theme in Literature Essay

In every book there's always a theme or life lesson. Many times the theme is not always given right off, eventually in the end of the story you have to think of what the story taught you. You have to think of what the author wanted you to take away from his/her story. The lesson you take away from the story you have read is usually the theme or the overall message of the story. The theme or message varies from book to book. Every book has a theme, however every book is different.
In the book "Night" and also in the book "The Help" the theme or overall message is too absolutely no matter what never give up. When you feel like it's the end of the road keep pushing through because you will make it. When you feel like there is no hope, no strength to keep you going be determined and use every ounce of strength you have left to push through to get you where you're heading. In many instances this is a common theme in many different pieces poems, short stories, articles, movies, TV shows. You see this theme all the time, there's almost always a part in any piece that deals with determination and standing up for yourself and others. The theme in both books is so empowering, even though the most tragic things are happening.
Elie weisel the author and main character in the book did just that. He thought there was no way he would make it. But only with hope and perseverance did he manage to keep his head up and continue to do what ever he could to stay alive. He was a victim of one of the worst things in history, the Jewish concentration camps. Not only was Elie a victim, not only did he live and feel the pain of the camps, but Elie also survived the horrific things that happened in Germany. Elie was just fifteen years old when he was forced to enter the Jewish concentration camp. The reason he was forced to the camp was because of the fact that he was a Jew. Since he was a Jew, he got treated differently. Jews were treated with disrespect. The Jews were literally forced to the concentration camps where there they were treated like animals. They did all the dirty work, they farmed, they carried heavy things, and they were beaten, burned, and killed. All of these terrible things happened to them because they were different. While everyone was being killed around Elie he managed to not let himself die. "Someone had lain down on top of me, smothering me. I couldn't breathe through my mouth or my nose. Sweat running down my forehead and my back. This was it; the end of the road. A silent death, suffocation. No way to scream, to call for help. I tried to rid myself of my invisible assassin. My whole desire to live became concentrated in my nails. I scratched, I fought for air." (Elie Wiesel. Pg.94) with this textual evidenence it shows how even when he was so close to his death he remembered how hungry he was for life itself. His desire to live helped him push through his mind set to just lay there and die. Along with everything he kept his head up and made it look as if he were bigger than what was occurring around him. He put on a front to make it look like he was a strong willed man. But really he was a lost, falling apart teenager. He never let himself give up, so life never gave up on him.
The same goes in the book "The Help". "The Help" is based on the time period of segregation. Many white families had at least one "Help". The "Help" was an African American that was paid very little to also do the dirty work for the white families. They did the cooking and cleaning; they raised the children, and did everything. They had to do this without a fight or else the consequences were serious. They were either fired from the house they worked at or if it dealt with legal issues the were often beaten. "Did you hear about the colored boy this morning? One they beat with a tire iron for accidentally using the white bathroom?..And my cousin Shinelle in Cauter County? They burn up her car cause she went down to the voting station." (Kathryn Stockett Pg.103).With this textual evidence it shows how even the littlest thing a colored man/woman did they would always get severely punished. Along with the book "Night" they were treated badly because they were different. They had to grow up dealing with the way their life was hoping one day there would be a change. The kept their heads up and kept moving forward. With everything that happened their skin grew thicker, and they often times would lose hope similar to Elie from "Night" but as with both of the books they always figured out it was in their best interest to have hope and hold out for a new beginning. And in each of the books they found life ended better for them. In most cases none of them had a choice in what was happening to them. Similar to the article read in class called "The Face of Modern Slavery". In this article it talks about Cambodian brothels where they house young women and children and sell them for sex. In the brothels the women's family usually sells them into the brothels for money, so the young women and children never have a choice because the enter the brothels at such young ages. These young adults hold hope that any day there will be a change and they will return home. The are sexually abused day and night by men the have never seen before. "Most girls who have been trafficked, whether in New York or in Cambodia, eventually surrender.. But somehow Srey Pov refused to give in.. each time she rebelled she was locked naked in the darkness in a barrel half-full of sewage, replete with vermin and scorpions that stung her regularly" (Nicholas D. Kristof). Similar to both books and this article any time either of them rebelled they were severely punished. Even thought they were physically and mentally distraught they still managed to make it through everything that was happening at that time. They have to have a lot of hope for better days to get them through everything that happens to them daily or they will never mentally make it.
So the theme, moral, or life lesson of both "Night" and "The Help" is to never give up. No matter what is going on in your life keep your head up and hope for better days. Without hope and perseverance life will bring you down you have to find the power in yourself to pull through and move forward. And never, ever let life get the best of you because it will bring you down.