Baylor D
Museum notes

Museum Notes

The museum I visited was the Titanic museum in Branson, MO. The museum holds many things that are absolutely amazing. When you walk into the museum you see a giant wall of ice or as they call it an "ice berg" that you get to feel. This is just the first thing you see, and hit already makes you feel like you are on the Titanic. When you walk in they give everyone a paper with the name of a person that was on the actual Titanic, this gives you an identity as if you were that person that entered the ship. Later, you gets to find out if you were on of the people who survived the sinking of the Titanic. As you walk through the museum you get to do multiple things such as walking on a different slanted decks as if you were on the Titanic while it was sinking. You also get to put your hand in a freezing bucket of water (the actual temp. that the water was when the passengers were in it) and see how long you can withstand the low temperature. Towards the end of the museum you get to sit and listen to recorded audio of the 700 survivors. This really hits home because it shows how one thing in your life can change your life forever (my universal truth) whether it was the lives of the families that lost a loved one or a survivor that went through the hardships of the aftermath.


In Branson,MO there is a Titanic museum. This museum very much supports my universal truth in many ways. Basically, my universal truth is one thing in your life can change your life forever, for good or bad. This museum is probably the best example of my universal truth because all those people who boarded the Titanic for a luxury vacation and little did they know they were going to have to fight for their lives. Some died, and that's that, and some survived and had to live with the pain and the things they saw on that horrific day. Those thoughts would haunt them for the rest of their life and change their lives forever.
Towards the end of the tour you get to sit down and listen to actual audio of survivors telling their story about their lives after the Titanic sank. This is a really good to show our universal truth, it not only tells about the sinking of the Titanic but also tells us their life after coping with the disaster they were in. It shows us how one thing can change a persons life forever. This part of the museum tells us exactly how something happened in a persons life and how it changed their life forever.
Another thing that really hit home was seeing the models of the different rooms from first class to third class. This really relates to my universal truth in the way that these people from all over came on to the Titanic for a vacation. This shows that everyone walked on the ship thinking that they were going to a relaxing vacation and thought they were going to come back after the vacation was over and go home. This ended up not being the case, some lost their lives and others were scarred forever. Either way you look at it everyone on the ship severely affected every single person that stepped on it whether they were walking into a first class room or third class, they all went down with the same ship.
Overall this was a great museum. It really makes you feel like you were a passenger on the ship the day it went down. From feeling the water, the iceberg, hearing survivor stories and more. I think this museum was a good example of my universal truth being that it shows exactly how one thing in ANYONES life no matter where or who you come from can change your life forever.