Baylor D
Final Synthesis Essay
May 3, 2012

When reading a book the theme is always extremely clear. Every story has a theme or universal truth that the reader can learn or take away from the text. . This universal truth is evident in many books. In almost every story something always happens, whether positive or negative, that changes a characters' life forever. Therefore, our life has a way of presenting different challenges and the actions we make can change the coarse of our lives forever.

The books read and compared with the universal truth explored were ‘Night’ by: Elie Weisel, the ‘Lord of the Flies’ by: William Golding, and ‘The help’ by: Kathryn Stockett. In all three of these pieces the universal truth explored is presented very well. Each author used this theme in one way or another, some more than others. However, the universal truth takes place in almost every story not just the three books that were read.

In ‘Night’ by: Elie Weisel the non-fiction story is about Elie’s childhood and what historical event that him and his family endured. Elie and his families life changed when they were sent to one of the many jewish concentration camps. There, his dad and him were separated from his mother and little sister. After they were separated him and his father were put to work, and never once saw his mother and sister again. Throughout his extremely unwanted journey he went through things no one should ever have to go through. He watched people get shot, abused, burned to death, and many other horrific sights. They starved all of them and made them work long hours everyday. From the day Elie left his home his life changed forever. Never again could he be a sain young boy after going through the terrible things the germans put them through. Never again could he hug his mother or sister and tell him how much he loved them. He lost them forever, he lost all hope for everything. He lost faith in god and strength and many times he wanted to give up. After many years traveling to different concentration camps he lost his father to. In the end Elie survived and made it out alive. But, after that he was alone, he had no family, no money, no shelter, no one to care for him. During those few years he lost absolutely everything and all sense of guidance. Like the universal truth states, his life changed forever.

In the ‘Lord of the Flies’ a group of kids get stranded on a small island when their plane crashes. They are the only ones on the island which forces them to figure things out on their own due to the fact that there is no adults and no form of civilization around them. Soon time began to pass very quickly the days were very hot and extremely dry. Some of the kids began to think that there was a “Beast” this began to raise conflict and started to break the group up into two groups. Soon the lost all sense of both right and wrong and they began acting savage. This eventually resulted in two different deaths of semi-innocent children. After the two deaths took place a boat eventually came across the island that they had been stranded on and saved them. The childrens life changed when they were stranded on an island and lost all sense of sanity. At the end of the book they had all endured and witnesses many crazy things. They lost all morals, they lost their minds, they killed 2 people, and managed to live in a different way than they had been raised in. This relates to the universal truth because their life gave them this problem that changed their morals and way of life and after that they couldn’t go back.

The third book I read called ‘The Help’ by: Kathyrn Stockett relates to my universal truth as well as the other two books. In ‘The Help’ a woman named “Skeeter” (she was white) decided to write a book from the point of the view of the help (basically the colored maids during the 1960’s). In the book Skeeter is writing she is interviewing the help and writing down their numerous stories of past people or current people that they have worked for. This was a big issue during this time, blacks and whites weren’t supposed to interact for any reason at this time. But, Skeeter decided to take a chance because she was passionate about writing. Not only was she taking a chance but they everyone that participated in the writing of the book could have gotten in major trouble with the law. In the end the book is published and many copies were sold. Skeeters life changed when she decided to take a leap of faith and go with what she thought was right. This book, however different then the other two in the way that Skeeter made the change in her life willingly and it was a positive change.

Some similarities between the books read would be that the all share qualities that relate to the universal truth that was explored. Each book, in one way or another, shows problems that characters must overcome or cope with. Life presents everyone with a challenge whether that challenge be positive or negative that a person must oversee. Sometimes the challenge is harder on different people depending on how serious it may be. Like in 'Night' by: Elie Weisel, his situation was a lot more serious being that it was more of a matter of life and death. His challenge was to stay alive another day, this situation being so dire, it caused scars. His life challenge would be something that he will remember for the rest of his life, he will never forget the terrible things he went through that were so detrimental to his mental state, that changed his life forever. In the 'Lord of the Flies' by: William Golding the situation is very uncommon and also hard to overcome. Being that the kids had to manage to live under different circumstances then they ever thought were possible but they also had to try to figure out how to be rescued. Learning how to function in a new condition also caused many mental problems, they became delusional and began acting like savages, which would end up causing permanent damage. In the end of the book they killed two people. Their challenge was to also stay alive and in return they became uncivilized and became murderers, which changed their life forever due to the things that happened on the island. 'The Help' is quite a bit less serious being that the situation was brought on by the character because she had total control of the problem and what she did turned out to be very uplifting. When she wrote the book on the opinion of the colored help she took a big risk, but she brought that on her self. She wanted to change the way the world was at that time and look at the help just like they were like everyone else. She wanted people to see that they had went through way more than they gave them credit for. With her brave actions she didn't bring much change but she took a stand for what she believed in and it made a difference in many peoples life. Not only changing her life but they people around her as well.

After exploring this universal truth it has really made me understand the effects of everyday life on different people. So many people cope with problems that take place everyday, most are unexpected and not preventable. These problems cause people struggle in every thing they do. Many times the person is given a problem and it not only changes the coarse of their lives but completely ruin it. After exploring this universal truth it has made it clear that these unfortunate things can happen to anyone, at anytime, for all reasons whether you brought them on your self or it just happened.

Its very easily seen that this universal truth relates to everyone and every thing at some point in time. Little things effect a million people in the world every single day. The universal truth was highly extrusive throughout the three books that were previously analyzed. Which, all in all makes this universal truth widely interpreted and used by many authors.