Baylor D
Film Noted

-Yes, I think the film was worth seeing again. The factors that determine would be if the movie had a good story line and whether or not I could stay interested in the film, which I did. "Pay it Forward" is really good at pulling people into it. It keeps you interested in the film, there's always something happened and the film flows really nicely. You get emotionally into the movie which keeping everyone watching it.

Enduring qualities
-Definatly, this movie has been around for awhile now and everyone I know loves it and has watched it more than once, I think it will always remain a classic. I think "Pay it Forward" relates to universal ideas and situations, the movie is about Paying forward good deeds which I think everyone is aware of all around the world. Everyone knows you should treat people the way you would want to be treated as well as What goes around comes around, which is very relavent in the movie. Again, yes it relates to contemporary situations and situations from the past because like I said everyone knows you should treat people the way you would want to be treated.

-It definatly makes me realize how easy it is to just help one person, and many of us don't help any at all. All of us think too much of ourselves and not of others that we can't take the time out of our day to help another. Some of the characters are pretty predictable, but most aren't. Many unexpected things happen throughout the film, like in the end of the movie Trevor (the boy who start the revolution of "Paying it Forward") decides to stand up to a boy who is getting bullied at school but because he tried to stop it the bully stabs and kills him.

-I think the film was very pleasing. The film was made in the year 2000 so the quality isn't that bad at all. The performance of all the actors come together to make a really powerful piece, I think that this plays a huge roll in the movie because it really helps the person watching the movie feel like it's all really happening. A movie scene is when Trevor stands in from his social studies class and presents his idea of Paying it forward. To see how he acts when he tells his little class of roughly 25 about his idea he has no idea how revolutionary his idea will be. To me that's beautiful to see him think that he had a big dream of helping so many people and it came true.

-Again in the same scene when Trevor presents his idea of paying it forward his idea is suggested. However when he suggest his idea you can tell that his thought will excel and it does just that. It creates an uplifting positive mood when you think of how simple this change could be.

Emotional Response
- Yes, I was very moved by this movie. It was very uplifting throughout the whole thing knowing that a young boy developed this simple idea and it escaladed. Everyone around the world (in the movie) were paying it forward thanks to a young boy and a simple social studies assignment. At the end of the film I felt sorrow because Trevor was helping out a boy that was being bullied and because of his action he was stabbed and killed. This scene was especially moving because this young boy helped so many people and in the end he was killed basically because of his kindness and how much he cared about every single person around him. This effected me because in life it almost seem like the worst things happen to those who do good.

TIQA: Pay it Forward
The movie Pay it Forward relates to my universal truth so well. My universal truth is Our life has a way of presenting challenges and the actions we make that can change the coarse of our lives forever, this is basically what the movie Pay it Forward is all about. The movie is about a boy named Trevor that is presented with a social studies assignment that consisted of thinking of something that can change the world and putting it into action. His idea was not paying a favor back, but forward, repaying good deeds with new good deeds done to three new people. The movie relates to my universal truth because Trevors challenge was to think of a way to change the world, this virtually started a revolution.
The main character Trevor says "I guess it's hard for people who are so used to things the way they are- even of they're bad- to change. 'Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses." Trevor developed this idea to make a change and help people that couldn't help themselves. In this part of the movie Trevor says this expressing how if one person gives up every one loses. His idea is to help one person, and in return that one person will help 3 others and the cycle continues if one person quits the cycle and stops helping others the whole idea has died. This quote is very moving and can relate to many other things besides just this movie if one person gives up everything about them kind of dies down and so does the people around them.
"The realm of possibility exists in each of you." This quote almost sums up the whole movie. The movies is all about how one person, no matter who you are can change the world. Whether is a simple smile to a stranger, holding the door for someone, or saving a life every little movements count. Everyone has the possibility to do wonders to the world it's all about that one person who has the courage to stand up and make that change. That couragous person was a young boy named Trevor who changed the idea of helping others.
This movie "Pay it Forward" is a very moving and touching film. Trevor was a brave boy who created an idea of helping one person, but helping that one person helped millions of others. It shows how one person can change the world forever, just by being assigned a simple assignment in a social studies class. It shows how simple it is to make a change and it makes you wonder if it's that simple, why can't people do more for others?