Baylor D
Current Event Article and Notes
April 20, 2012

I chose this youtube video because it is so popular among the area around us. KONY 2012 is about a man named Joseph Kony who kidnaps children in Uganda and turns the girls into sex slaves and the boys into murderers. This didn't and has nothing to do with the US society but it affects most everyone in South Africa. A man from the US went over and interviewed a boy who was involved in Kony's tactics. And the whole video is about how he (Jason Russel) is trying to get everyone in the US to help stop Kony and free all the children he has been holding.


A man named Jason Russel made a documentry about a man named Joseph Kony who kidnaps children in Uganda and turns the girls into sex slaves and the boys in to murderers. Jason found this out roughly ten years ago when he went to South Africa and talked to a boy name Jacob who had been involved in Kony's mission. Jacob told Jason all about who Kony is and what he does to the children of Uganda. This really moved Jason and made him want to put a stop to Kony and everything he does. With Jason going over to Uganda one time finding this news out has changed his life forever. Now his life is about helping Jacob and all the other children just like him win this battle with Kony to free all the children.
Jason Russel says "The course of my life changed entirely when (i met) another boy, jacob..". In this quote it shows how Jason's life changed just by going to South Africa and having a conversation with a boy named Jacob. Jason didn't know that his conversation with Jacob would lead to a possible life changing event changing our history. Just by having a simple conversation with a random boy, Jason's life and many others have now changed literally forever.
This quote " For 26 years Joseph has been kidnapping kids.. turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into child soldiers. He makes them mutilate people's faces" said by Jason Russel is really touching. It makes you realize how serious the situation really is. Now knowing how serious it is it shows us all why Jason cares so much about this topic, it shows how and why his whole meaning in life changed because of one boy. And because of him meeting that one boy (Jacob) he has the passion and the chance to change Kony's way and what he is doing to children.
Again, I could go on and on explaining how this video relates to my universal truth but its clearly present. One man (Jason Russle) was effected by one boy (Jacob) and Jason now has the will to help the people of Uganda. This actually shows one positive example about how one thing in someones life can change their life forever no matter what their situation may be. Jason Russel is now changing the kids of Uganda and the entire population of Africa by drawing in America the same way he was drawn in by. Jason's actions are leading to everyones actions because this video has touched so many people. So Jason meeting Jacob has not only changed Jason's life but everyone elses.