Dear Reader,

The universal truth that I chose was Our life has a way of presenting different challenges and the actions we make can change the coarse of our lives forever. I chose this because in all the passages we've read this universal truth is very relevant. In one single moment everything about our lives can change, many times these changes are out of our control. With this however it is crucial that everyone around you must make an effort to help each other and remain true to our morals. With these different situations if there is not civilization between the people the outcome of these challenges and the actions we make may become worse, essentially hurting us more.
My multigenre synthesis project is about looking at and analyzing different passages and stories and seeing how they connect and relate to one another. The project will consist of Prezi's, synthesis essays, film notes, themes in literature, universal truth, and much more. Basically a cluster of things showing how all the texts intertwine together. Virtually we are taking multiple genres, analyzing then comparing them and putting it all on our own webpage.

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